Want To Remove The Old Musty Odor from Your House?

Want To Remove The Old Musty Odor from Your House?

“One of the most stubborn and difficult problems to get rid of in your home is an old musty smell.

Musty odors can be caused by a number of things in your home, but, generally speaking, mold and mildew are the main culprits.

The bad smell is caused by mold and mildew building up and releasing foul gasses. A combination of moisture, lack of air circulation (stagnant air) and darkness will allow mold, mildew, and odor to grow.

Humid air caused by leaky faucets or showers can cause small areas of water to build up. Moisture, warmth and dark areas with little or no air circulation, (such as an attic or basement) are perfect environments leading to the growth of mold and mildew.

Molds and mildew cause that familiar “old” smell because they release a gas that gets into fabric, carpet, curtains, and furniture. Once the smell has permeated the area it can be difficult (but not impossible!) to remove.” credits: House Cleaning Central


Nobody wants to have that old musty odor smell in their house. It’s really frustrating to locate the source of smell because it already permeated in the areas that are difficult to remove.


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Yes, there is.


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