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Why choose GrandLifeBrands Premium Odor Eliminator?

GrandLifeBrands Premium Odor Eliminator is...

ALL NATURAL AND SAFE, NON-TOXIC - made from a custom blend of natural minerals.

SAFE FOR EVERYONE AND THE ENVIRONMENT. Other odor solutions add fragrances to the air to mask bad odors, or spray harmful chemicals - making the problem worse, especially for those with respiratory problems. GrandLifeBrands odor removers have no smell of their own, they pull bad smell molecules from the air like a magnet, leaving the air fresh and odor-free.

NO TOXIC CHEMICALS or FRAGRANCES added. SAFE for your house and everyone in it - pets, children and their grown-ups.  

❤ NEVER tested on animals and safe for the environment.

REMOVES and NEUTRALIZES odors NATURALLY and SAFELY. GREAT FOR NEUTRALIZING FOUL ODORS DURING FLOOD CLEANUPS. Works better than baking soda, bamboo charcoal or lava rock.

FAST ACTING - Most foul odors will be removed or greatly diminished within the first 24 hours.  The bags start working as soon as they are removed from their plastic packaging. One bag covers 100 sqft. Long lasting - one bag can work for up to 4 months when taken out of the package. The bags do not expire and can be stored in their original plastic packaging indefinitely.  The powder in the buckets can be sprinkled directly on affected areas, when direct contact with the source of smell is available. Use the bags and the powder together, to maximize the efficiency and speed of odor removal.

❤ USE EVERYWHERE - HOME, CAR, BOAT, RV, OFFICE - effective in any kind of setting for most bad smells, including mystery smells! Use it in bathrooms, closets, basement, laundry - eliminate odors of urine, feces, stale closet air, musty mildew smells in basements or attics. Garbage rooms? For sure. Pet beds, litter boxes? Of course! Teenager's bedroom? Epic! Changed baby's diapers but the smell remains? This works!

NO NEED TO FIND AND REMOVE THE SOURCE OF SMELL. If a mouse died inside the walls of your house, don't open the walls to retrieve the carcass. Just place the bags where the odor is strongest - the bags will continue to absorb the bad smell until the carcass completely decomposes.

GREAT FOR USE in hospitals, pet clinics/hotels, storage containers, lockers - anywhere odor-causing bacteria is present.

MADE IN THE USA - manufactured by a company that employs disadvantaged adults - we are thanking you for giving them hope and ability to support themselves and their families!



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