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Does Your Cat Pee Smell So Bad?

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“Cats are America’s most popular pets: 88 million cats compares to 74 million dogs.” Cats may not be tagged as the “man’s best friend” but the statistics showed that cats rule as the most popular pets in America. It just showed that cats are being loved and adored by most Americans.

But with the statistics of 88 million cats owned by Americans, can you imagine the combined cat pee stink produced by the 88 million cats in America? That would gross, I guess!

According to the article written by Todd Cardin of Quora “Why Does Cat Pee Smell So Bad?”

“One of the reasons the bad odor of cat urine is so unappealing is because oftentimes the animal’s pee is left unnoticed until the smell gets progressively worse. Bacteria break down the urea, which releases ammonia – one of the main odor-causing chemicals. As you may have guessed after walking by the litter box, ammonia is the main reason why cat urine odor is so severe. It is also part of why cat pee glows under a black light.”

Cat pee smell is one of the strongest and most offensive odors that will linger under your nose. It is something that you could not just ignore. The longer the cat urine sits the worse the smell will become.

Also according to that same article, there are certain factors that affect the smell of cat pee.


Factors That Affect the Smell of a Cat Pee

• Cat aging
• Kidney failure
• Genetics
• Hormone levels
• Urea
• Diet
• Other medical issues
• Male cats have a high level of the Felinine protein in the urine
• Male cats that are not neutered have much stronger smelling urine than neutered cats

There are some factors that we are not in control of the things that affect the smell of a cat pee like genetics, aging, hormonal levels and the like. But we can do other things that will help to eliminate the odor produced by our cats. One great way to do that is by using odor eliminators.

When you choose a cat urine odor eliminator, choose the one that is not a chemical or enzyme based. It may not be safe for you and your pets and may cause harm in the long run. Also, never try to mask the cat urine smell with fragrances. It will just worsen the smell!  Remember, your cat’s sense of smell is 14 times stronger than that of humans,  and if you think the cat urine smell will improve with Lysol or Febreeze, your cat will most certainly not be impressed. Worse, if anyone in your house (including pets) suffers from any respiratory issues, cat urine smell can be very irritating and can lead to significant discomfort or worse.

Choose an odor eliminator that is all-natural and non-toxic.

When we first introduced our Mr. Lucky’s Pawsome Cat Urine Odor Eliminator, we sent out a few samples for trials, and the response was very pawsitive.

The product does a great job controlling odors at the source – right in the litter box. The smells are eliminated as soon as they are created when bacteria do its thing. The product is also very effective in getting rid of older, set smelly spots that we were unable to eliminate using any other method. Some of the feedback we received from trial users was a gentleman who gave up on the old, set cat pee spots on the hardwood in the house and was about ready to rip it out and replace the floor. The cats had been peeing on the same spot for years, and nothing was working to get the stench out. Our product pulled the smell of cat urine right out of the old hardwood, and the owner avoided a major remodeling job and saved a lot of money. And the smell never came back!

You can use this product together with our odor absorbing bag, it does wonder in making the cat pee odor disappear in our room. Place the bag near the litterbox, and the bag will absorb any smells that may escape the litterbox as the cats track the litter out. As an added bonus, other smells will also be eliminated, such as smells of smoke, stale food, etc.

When looking for the right product for your house and pets, always chose something that is natural, and not loaded with harsh chemicals. Do not base your choice on the popularity of the brand. Try to explore and find the perfect product that is safe, effective, and that will offer the best solution to your problem.

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