Earth Care Odor Eliminator for Carpets and Furniture

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Use the Earth Care Odor Remover for Carpets and Furniture to remove odors of pets, urine/feces, food spills, flood and water damage, smoke and others. This product is most effective when a direct contact with the source of odor is possible – i.e. a stain on carpets or furniture, pets favorite spot, a spot from water/flood damage, stains on car seats and carpets etc. Use it in basements to remove musty mildew smells, closets, storage rooms and everywhere odor-causing bacteria is present.

Earth Care Odor removing mineral mix acts like a magnet by attracting and neutralizing smells. It is made from all natural minerals, is non toxic, and safe for Planet Earth. It is also safe around children and pets. Earth Care absorbs odors rather than masking them with a fragrance.

To use: sprinkle the mineral mix from the canister to completely cover the soiled spot, and leave it to absorb the odors for at least 24hrs. Vacuum the mix and repeat if necessary.

This product is safe for carpets, fabric, leather and other materials.

Used by Pest Control Professionals to remove dead animal smell, urine and feces odors associated with infestations, and fire/water damage restoration professionals to help with the clean up.

One canister measures 8″x3″x3″ and weighs 1.1lb.


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How Earth Care’s Clear The Air Products Work

How Earth Care’s Clear The Air Products Work

Earth Care Products can be used to eliminate odors by sprinkling granules over or near the soiled areas and it will pull the odors from the entire room.

Earth Care Products are negatively charged and odoriferous gasses ride on positively charged particles. Because of this negative and positive attraction Earth Care draws in odors like a powerful magnet. The odors are absorbed and neutralized without any cover ups or fragrances.

The Earth Care granules contain billions of microscopic pores, which gives them a large surface area (exceeding the size of a football field). This enables Earth Care to absorb phenomenal amounts of odors.

Earth Care products do not cover up odors; they literally clear the air, leaving the air fresh and clean.  Earth Care is fragrance free.

Warranty terms

We stand behind our products and offer full lifetime warranty.

100% money back guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied we will refund your money.

The recommended amount of product must be used and the product must be applied according to our instructions.

Occasionally Earth Care Products are not applied appropriately. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our product.

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